Mission Statement


Mission Statement TSP Handbook

Our goal and drive for the TSP Handbook (Three Step Process) company is as follows:

1st We strive to provide an amazing tool to support each and every person wanting to improve their parenting skills and well-being in a family unit or relationship. We are working to get the word out about the great success that comes from using this amazing system designed to give answers to dealing with behavior or even getting tasks accomplished with great structure and, more important, doing it with love, kindness, and gentleness.  By supporting love, respect, and understanding in a family unit we provide a resource that lays out what to do, when to do it, and yes, how to do it which is key. Our goal is to be recognized in every household as a “go to tool” to use, versus the blow-out that comes when everything piles up at once. Everyone has those days.  And most importantly our goal, in some scenarios, is to end violence and abuse by providing a direction that is easy to understand and use. We help a parent save a child and secure our future. We also strive to provide this as a world-wide tool to support anyone wanting to be a better parent, guardian, spouse, partner, etc.

2nd  Our mission is to follow the absolute principle of integrity to our clients. We want to only touch and support those who are in desperate need to be a better parent, guardian, spouse, etc., or those who want to just be the best they can be. We will offer guidance and consultation to all and we will supply a complete overview of what the TSPHANDBOOK is and does. Anyone interested can review the product before purchasing. Our goal is to support those who feel this product will enhance their lives. 

3rd The company will only hire and support key people who are supporting the full integrity of what is and will stand for the TSPHANDBOOK company. All and any certified consultants will follow the training and six months evaluation by designer and president, operations manager, and sales manager. If any changes of direction and training is needed it will be fully addressed and approved by those in position to continue to improve training and certification of anyone providing direction of the TSPHANDBOOK.

4th Our growth as a company will not only be supported by profit but will be measured by its success in providing the impact it makes on an individual using it. We will, as profits support, supply the handbook in all languages deemed needed to support worldwide.