TSP Philosophy

The Straw that BREAKS the Camel's/Parents' Back


The straw that breaks the camel’s/parents’ back – this is clearly a metaphor for today’s world of parenting. It represents the stress of today’s life. It’s not the weight of the single straw but that one extra thing added to an already full load: shoes in the middle of the doorway, backpack not put away, homework not given or brought to your attention, being talked back to, dishes not put away, fists being thrown. It seems like a disaster every time you ask someone to do or help with something. This is only a small example… Imagine eliminating three to four scenarios from your load of parenting on a daily basis. This would lighten up your load so that one more straw or task put on you would not be the breaking point. 

Freeing up the load, one thing might be simple, but you’re dealing with multiple tasks and behaviors. Fifty pounds of feathers weighs the same as fifty pounds of bricks. Taking control of each of these tasks and behaviors leads to a lighter load. Getting overwhelmed by looking at it all at once is common. If you can’t control the first of many things to lighten the load, then you’ll never address the biggest parts of your challenge. 

The TSP is designed to get that control and direction back to not only simplify how to start getting the load of parenting/guardian/etc. lightened or to support the job you’re already doing, but also to clear the way to successfully have room to deal with upcoming situations or current new situations (so that extra straw is not a backbreaker or, as we know, a screaming, yelling meltdown).

You see a simple task as a feather; now look at it as a brick… It’s all a part of the fifty pounds. You can’t resolve the major issue if you can’t control or resolve the minor behaviors. That’s the secret to the inventive approach of the TSP… It works. If you’re serious about achieving the right goals, accomplishing the best results, and supporting what it takes for success, try the system for yourself and be amazed.


About TSP


Author & Consultant Michael Perreault

 As a father in today’s world, Michael Perreault is an innovative, strategic problem solver with hands-on parenting experience who has listened to several hundred other parents and professionals in the US and Canada. Born, raised, and educated in today’s world of parenting, Michael is known for his direct, no-nonsense approach to parenting. His leading-edge methodology includes a number of unique processes and techniques that are drawing attention for their remarkable successes. He is tuned in to all the propensities of today’s child, the frustrations of today’s parents, and the challenging trends of society in America. Insightful, gifted, and very caring, Michael is dedicated to helping both parents and children lead fulfilling and happy lives.


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