Author of The TSP Handbook


Michael Perreault


About me, my name is Michael Perreault, the designer of the TSPHANDBOOK. After achieving a degree in electrical and mechanical engineering, I was able to have a successful career with a major company known in the USA as well as Europe. Working in the RD lab I was part of a ground breaking, revolutionary idea that provided a new and innovated product that saved millions for companies by reducing waste in their over production at years end, and receiving a US Patent as well for my own design supporting this product. 

I received my ISO certification as well as other wall hanging achievements. I am certified as a consultant for The Three Step Process, (TSPHANDBOOK) and have experience in applying the process since 2008. The one thing that counts for me the most is being a father in today’s world. With all the plaques, degrees, and certifications, none of it prepared me for being a parent. So, I chose to be the best parent I could. Reading on, this is how the TSPHANBOOK became a goal. Please read on.

The TSP Handbook was originally developed and copyrighted in 2008, while I was perusing a career as a parent coach.  Since 2008 I have been testing, updating, adding to, and editing the TSP Handbook, monitoring the results from individual families and situations. Through testing and applying the process I came up with the conclusion that there are many programs that work for some but not all.

 I’ve been working with and involved in multiple parenting programs, seeing no real set direction of dealing with or how to address a behavior directly with achievable results. Or it may be having simple tasks accomplished on a daily basis with no resolve, whether it be parenting, guardian, babysitting, etc.

I have had the opportunity to work with state and human resources, as well as in my own experience, to see the diversity of people other agencies work with. Seeing the obstacles they faced, and seeing the problems in today’s world for raising today’s child, from the unfortunate to the successful in wealth, I realized there are a lot of directions out there. And as stated, they work for some and other programs work for others.  The TSP Handbook addresses all. 


I set out and developed the TSP to give that set direction for what’s needed NOW to help in any situation, what to do, when to do it and more importantly how to do it!  After spending countless hours, thousands of dollars with the feedback we received, and most recently within the last year 2019 of monitoring the various family scenarios from all walks of life, we feel we have perfected the handbook with the most current version. Of course, we are still monitoring the results with a total success rate.  Testimonials of some of those monitored and reviewed for feedback can be found on the website.  This has brought us to the point of going live with seminars to present a product that works!

By working with a local organization that supports and invests in its community, whether it be by recognition, sponsorship, or represented in seminars, mailing lists or resources for community outreach, to combine forces to present the TSP Handbook to the public is what we strive for.

When followed as written results can be seen in as early as 1 week.  There is no other product on the market that compares with the TSP Handbook or is as simple to use and easy to implement. The layout and structure of the TSP Handbook is designed through testing results. Feedback has shown that whether reading or comprehension difficulties in reading, the users understand the step by step process. For those who are avid readers the results are the same. The TSP resolves confrontation and supports family structure. The TSP Handbook supports the individual, communicable family wellbeing and balance.