Parents: If you are ready to have kids who complete tasks and behave well,

The TSP Handbook is a MUST! Just apply the simple three steps! Know what to do, when to do it! Results in one week or less!

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A "Welcome" from the Developer Michael Perreault

The TSP Handbook - Stands for The Three Step Process - A Parenting System For Today's Child - See results using our simple three steps

Congratulations! Coming soon you'll have a handbook that is going to change your parenting experience for the better. Regardless of what or where you heard about The Three Step Process, you are most likely anxious to get going and to discover for yourself how it can work for YOU!



The Three Step Process

Provided Solutions

A Parenting System for Today’s Child

“If You Are Ready To Have Kids Who Complete Tasks and Behave Well, the TSP Is A Must!”

Just follow The Three Step Process!   

The Three Step Process is a support system that gives parents the tools they need to get tasks accomplished and/or to deal with inappropriate behavior. 


Whether you are dealing with ADD, ADHD, a younger child, an adolescent, a teenager, an adult maybe an elderly person, the TSP System is like nothing you have seen before. If you’ve seen all the directions available that can cost, you hundreds. It still may bring you right back to the same point of what is needed right now for me or even them? THIS IS FOR YOU!

The TSP is direct and to the point, simple, uncomplicated, and easy to understand and apply to your individual situation and specific needs. Consultant Michael Perreault’s no-nonsense system tells you exactly what to do and when to do it. There are no extras in this handbook. In twenty minutes, you can get started, and in less than a week, you should see a dramatic change in both behavior and willingness to complete tasks. 

There are no big fancy words or endless chapters on every topic having to do with raising a child or the functions of bad behavior. User-friendly, the TSP is the quickest and easiest-to-implement solution you will find on the market today. Get your own results. If you would like to provide a testimonial, then by all means, send it. Michael does appreciate them! But in the meantime, use the TSP and discover for your yourself that it works. You will be amazed at the results. 


TSP Handbook

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